Overclocking the Amiga One.

The Amiga One represents the new generation Amiga and is currently in production. There are a number of versions of it, both currently in existence and planned. This page will deal with the newer G4 versions of the full-sized motherboard. There are also G3 versions available right now, as well as a future version using a small PCB. To complicate matters a little, the G4 Amiga One had two different CPUs fitted - the earlier version had an 800 MHz G4, and the current model is also 800 MHz, however it actually contains a 933Mhz G4 chip, underclocked to 800 MHz.

Because the Amiga One is new, and currently in production, most boards would still have warranty applying to them. It is important to note that overclocking the board will invalidate your warranty. I will not accept responsibility for anyone frying their Amiga One. Anything you do to it is done at your own risk! Of course, if you own a newer Amiga One (with the 933Mhz G4), then you can increase its speed to a maximum of 933Mhz without actually overclocking it, and logically, you could expect your warranty to remain intact. Having said that, it would be a good idea to check with your distributor first!

This page, therefore, will deal only with converting your Amiga One to operate at its rated speed of 933MHz. Of course, those of you who know me would be aware that this will only be a temporary situation. Once my warranty has expired, I'll start overclocking it for real.

***This page is currently under construction and will be completed soon***

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Introduced 5th June 2004. Version 1.0