Overclocking the A2620 & A2630.

The A2620 is a 14MHz 68020 accelerator designed for the A2000. Unfortunately, as it takes it's clock from the motherboard, it is not really feasable to overclock it. The board also contains a 68881 FPU, and there is provision to clock it separately from the CPU by fitting an appropriate oscillator module in the space provided. A jumper then selects which clock to use. I have not attempted to overclock the FPU, so I can't give any ideas as to what to expect.

The A2630 is a 25MHz 68030 accelerator for the A2000. As it contains it's own clock oscillator, it's possible to overclock it. Due to it's design, however, it is not possible to overclock it by much, 28-29MHz is about the limit, even if you fit a faster 68030. A 28.3MHz oscillator can be found in some old PC VGA cards, or an old A500. Remove the old 25MHz oscillator and fit a IC socket with pins 2-5 and 9-13 removed before trying the new oscillator. In the only test I tried, which was was on a friend's board at an overclocking workshop held by a local Amiga user group, I found I was unable to overclock this particular board at all. Even at 25.1MHz, this board would not boot. In any case, this particular user said he had always had problems with his board before the attempt to overclock was made. I have heard of other people getting them to work at 28MHz as mentioned above.

As in the A2620, the FPU can be separately clocked from the CPU. A space is provided on the board for an oscillator module. Solder in a socket first before fitting the new oscillator. There is a jumper nearby which needs to be changed to select the separate oscillator.

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Introduced 5th Feb 1999. Updated 5th Feb 1999. Version 1.0